Ashley Eve Wildlife Taxidermy

Can I bring you an animal to taxidermy?

Yes! I accept a limited number of animals, and it’s a first come/first serve basis. If you have a fresh animal to bring me, please call or text me at (405)277-0335.


How can I bring you an animal?

Contact Me and we can arrange a time to meet with your animal!


Where are you located?

I am located in South/Central Oklahoma, but I accept work anywhere in Oklahoma, Texas, and nationwide.


How much do you charge for deer?

You can view my updated price list here.

I don’t have an animal yet, but I’d like to bring you one in the future.

When you get the animal, give me a call (405)277-0335 and we can arrange a drop-off. 


Do you accept animals from out of state?

Yes! You can either ship them through the post, or bring them to me in-person. When the mount is complete, I can arrange to have it shipped or transported back to you. All shipping is done at client’s expense.


Do you taxidermy birds or fish?

I do not. I only do mammals.


What’s your turnaround time for mounts?

I quote a year or less return time on all my taxidermy. However it is an estimate, not a guarantee.

I have a set of antlers but don’t have a cape, can you provide one?

Yes! I have replacement capes in my inventory, and can also provide a replacement cape for most species. The cost of the replacmement depending on size and species.


I’d like to contact you regarding a social media collaboration.

Please email me at ashleyevetaxidermy@gmail.com